Professional help with violence restraining orders in Perth

Misconduct and violent legal concerns

Violence restraining orders are usually given to people who are a threating to committing an act of abuse resulting in breaching the peace. The Australian courts can issue an order to someone for acts including as damaging property or intimidating another person, in dangerous situations, which are likely to continue. The police will issue a violence restraining order personally, and from which time it is a binding legal document that may never be breached

Are you being threatened or intimidated?

If you are experiencing any form of constant threatening behaviour towards you or your property and you feel a violence restraining order is needed, Griffiths & Godecke can help. We have helped many people across Perth and the northern suburbs with an extensive variety of misconduct and violent legal concerns.

Have you received a violence restraining order?

If someone has applied for a violence restraining order against you, and you need advice on how to handle the situation, our lawyers can assess and advise on the most appropriate action. Depending on the situation, may need professional representation in court, as trying to represent yourself can be extremely difficult. Regardless of the situation, we’ll use our knowledge and expertise to find an ideal outcome.

Violence restraining orders are serious orders of the court, and any breach of the orders can result in extremely high criminal penalties and convictions. Griffith and Godecke are always available to assist with advice or representation in court, whether you are the accuser or the accused.
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